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"Welcome To The Family!"

The ChronDon would like to welcome you to The FAMILY. We pride ourselves on abiding by a certain code of ethics when it comes to creating an AMAZING Cannabis experience like no predecessor.

At The FAMILY we are all considered "Canna-sseurs" and begin our process by holding council to discuss the QUALITY of ChronDon products from start to finish! 

We offer Extract Boosted Cannagars (The ChronDon), Extract Boosted Pre-rolls (The Sidecar), THCa Diamonds, Live Resin Badder, Crumble, and Sugar Wax as well as THC Distillate Syringes.

The ChronDon is a one of a kind smoking experience and we hope you enjoy them as much as we all do here at The Family.

In addition to our flower products, ChronDon also offers a full line of Top-Shelf Live Resin Extracts.



"Power Up Your Shatter"

With All Due Respect,

- Your Gray Matter

Get ready to be shattered by the arrival of a new Cannabis Superhero - Shatter-man!

This shatter enthusiast has worked for years to perfect his methods and is here to share his love for shatter with the people of Earth. Brace yourselves for a mind-bending experience as Shatter-man introduces you to a whole new world of shattered possibilities.


Are you ready to join the Shatterman movement?


*Shatter-man does not condone, endorse, or ever recommend consuming 2 grams of shatter at once. He has observed the impacts of out of control carbon during his travels in the galaxy and considers this his way of helping to reduce the number of trips you need to take to the store for shatter here on Earth. Always dab responsibly.


Blazy Susan

Precision Infused Pre-rolls

Blazy Susan has been a smoker’s best friend for years and is now finally entering the market with a Cannabis Product.

The Weed Pros is proud to introduce our partnership on Blazy Susan Infused Pre-roll Cones!

Top Shelf Cannabis precision infused with 90%+ THC Distillate.

The Name, Logo and signature pink papers are legendary in the cannabis community. When people see Blazy Susan has an Infused Pre-roll on the shelf, they will instantly be curious.

Finishing with The Weed Pros' precision infusion process ensures an even distribution of distillate through the entire joint. While other infused options may instantly clog after lighting, these cones from Blazy will have you blazing all the way ‘til the end.



"The Original Edible Buds"


The Original Edible Buds are finally in Arizona and is being brought to you by The Weed Pros. We have a full selection of 11 flavors to choose from and always deliver a full-panel tested and labeled product to your doorstep. Email us now to get some today:


Legal Lean THC

"The Original Relaxation Syrup"



The Weed Pros is proud to be the exclusive partner for Legal Lean THC in Arizona. Combining Legal Lean Classic syrup recipes with THC for the first time.

When you want to chill out, slow down, and decompress after a long hard day of work, take the edge off with Legal Lean, a revolutionary, mood-enhancing drink. Our R&D team has spent several years developing and perfecting this combination of relaxation-enhancing ingredients that make up our special blend. Add 100mg of THC to the mix and it is a recipe for relaxed mood.


We have a full selection of flavors to choose from and always deliver a full-panel tested and labeled product to your doorstep. Email us now to get some today:


White Label Cartridges

Only the Best Top-Shelf Distillate Oil

Our White Label Cartridge Line is backed by some of the highest-potency fully-lab tested Cannabis Distillate Oil in the State. We work with some of the top producers of Distillate in Arizona and then blend in Cannabis-Derived Terpenes based on your flavor profile preferences. We can also assist with packaging design and production and deliver a full-panel tested and labeled product to your doorstep. Email us now to get started:


White Label Flower

Only the Best Top-Shelf AZ Cannabis

Our White Label Flower Line is produced by some of Arizona's finest growers and brought to you cured to perfection and ready to sell. We offer our Flower processed into 3.5g packs, 7g packs, 14g packs, 28g packs, or Pre-rolls depending on your preference. With a wide strain selection to choose from and full-panel testing already done we can get you the Flower you need today. We can also assist with packaging design and production and deliver a full-panel tested and labeled product to your doorstep. Email us now to get started: