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Blazy Susan

Precision Infused Pre-Rolls

Blazy Susan has been a smoker’s best friend for years and is now finally entering the market with a Cannabis Product.

The Weed Pros is proud to introduce our partnership on Blazy Susan Precision Infused Pre-roll Cones!

Expect nothing but the finest Top Shelf Cannabis Flower, precision infused with 90%+ THC Distillate all enclosed in our smooth burning Signature Pink Blazy Susan Cones.

The Name, Logo and signature pink papers are legendary in the cannabis community. When smokers see Blazy Susan has an Infused Pre-roll on the shelf, they will instantly be curious.

Finishing with The Weed Pros' precision infusion process ensures an even distribution of distillate through the entire joint. While other infused options may quickly clog after lighting, these cones from Blazy will have you blazing all the way ‘til the end.

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