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Chapter 5: Blazy Susan

The Green Goddess had been on a mission to take down the Smokers Syndicate for months. The organization had been wreaking havoc across the country with their greed, destroying the cannabis markets. The Green Goddess knew that she couldn't do it alone, so she had been looking for a team of superheroes with special powers to help her in her quest.

One day, The Green Goddess found herself in a small farm town in Colorado. As she was scouting the area for any signs of the Smokers Syndicate, she stumbled upon a young woman named Blazy Susan. The first thing she noticed about Blazy Susan was her retro style of dress, which seemed to be from a different era, possibly the 50’s, she looked to be a beautiful and powerful women.

Blazy Susan introduced herself and explained that she had a unique superpower - wherein she could infuse her pink preroll cones with a top tier hash rosin that looked innocent but was highly effective on anyone who smoked them.

The Green Goddess was intrigued and immediately knew that Blazy Susan would make a valuable addition to The Weed Pros Team.

Blazy Susan was hesitant at first to join the Superheroes, as she had never worked with other superheroes before. But after hearing about their mission and seeing the impact that the Smokers Syndicate had on the cannabis community nationwide, she knew that she couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer.

The Weed Pros Team welcomed Blazy Susan with open arms, and they all quickly got to work. Blazy Susan's pink prerolls were incredibly effective in battles against the Smokers Syndicate.

Blazy Susan had proven herself to be a valuable member of the team, and she was grateful to have found a place where she could use her powers for good. From that day forward, Blazy Susan was known as the team's fifth superhero, and The Weed Pros continued to fight for justice and to protect their community from any future threats.

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