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Chapter 3. Capt. Kirk & The Green Goddess

Shatter-man and Dabber Boy had been patrolling the city now for weeks, looking for any signs of other cannabis superheroes like themselves. They had heard rumors of a few other heroes out there, but no one had ever seen them in action.

One night, while they were on patrol, they decided it might be best to leave the city and to venture out into other territories to see if maybe there they could find another Superhero worthy of joining their fight for fair cannabis rights for all.

As they travelled through the lush green forests and over rocky mountains, they finally came across a long stretch of flat land where they saw a strange glowing figure in the distance. It appeared to be a Kosmik-Naught from the planet Kosmik. Shatter-man and Dabber Boy were over delighted as they had only heard stories of the Planet and its inhabitants.

The figure, who was covered in center filler gummy pucks and had an amazing green and purple glowing Space suit, introduced himself as Capt. Kirk, and explained that he was from the planet Kosmik. He had come to Earth to fight against the Smokers Syndicate, a notorious group of villains who were wreaking havoc on the Cannabis industry. Capt. Kirk explained that he used his delicious center filled gummy treats to lure in the bad guys, and then captured them with his incredible potency of his 200mg “single” gummy.

Shatter-man and Dabber Boy were impressed by Capt. Kirk's skills and asked him to join their team of superheroes. Capt. Kirk was hesitant at first, as he had always worked alone and didn’t fair too well with Earth beings, but after some convincing from Shatter-man and Dabber Boy, he agreed to join forces with them.

The trio set off on a quest to find other cannabis superheroes, hoping to form a team that could take down the Smokers Syndicate once and for all. They traveled far and wide, battling all sorts of villains along the way.

Finally, in the depths of the lush green forest they came across another cannabis superhero, a powerful woman named Green Goddess. She had the ability to control Cannabis plants and use them to her advantage in battle. Green Goddess was thrilled to join the team, and together, they continued their search for more heroes.

They called themselves The Weed Pros., and they were determined as a team to take down the Smokers Syndicate once and for all.

With Capt. Kirk's delicious treats, Green Goddess's Cannabis controlling plant powers, and Shatter-man and Dabber Boy's incredible concentrates, The Weed Pros. was a force to be reckoned with.

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