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Chapter 2: The Smoke Syndicate & Dabber Boy

In a small town on the outskirts of a major city, there lived a young man named Jack. Jack was an ordinary guy, working at a local fast-food joint, struggling to make ends meet, and constantly getting harassed by the local bullies. However, Jack had a secret - he was a regular user of a cannabis concentrate known as “Shatter”.

One day, while taking a hit from his dab rig, Jack was suddenly transported to a mysterious world filled with vibrant colors and peaceful sounds. He realized that the “Shatter” he had been smoking was not ordinary, but a special strain that had been genetically modified by Dr. Stone a well-known mad scientists.

The scientist had been experimenting with cannabis extracts to create a new source of energy for the world. Dr. Stone had finally after many attempts successfully created this new type of cannabis extract called Shatter that had the ability to restore energy and release happiness in powerful bursts throughout the body.

As Jack explored this strange new world, he came across a group of people who were in search of enlightenment but were sadly being held captive there by a villainous organization known as the "Smoke Syndicate". The Smoke Syndicate had been using the new cannabis extract known as Shatter to create a powerful weapon, unknown to Dr. Stone, which they planned to use to take over the world.

Determined to stop the Smoke Syndicate, Jack dabbed the largest amount of Shatter and transformed into a superhero with incredible powers. He became “Dabber Boy”, the shatter-powered superhero.

Dabber Boy had the ability to shoot powerful bursts of Shatter from his hands that would stick to the villain and hold him down for Shatter-man to assist in alleviating their suffering and making them see the good in the world once again. He used his newfound powers to take on the Smoke Syndicate and rescue the captive people and ensure they were filled with Happiness.

After defeating the Smoke Syndicate, Shatterman and Dabber Boy continued to use their powers to fight crime and protect the innocent. He became a beloved superhero, known for his courage, strength, and dedication to those in need of great weed. Together the two set off on their mission to create a Team of Superheroes.

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