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Chapter 1: The Origin of Shatter-Man

Dr. Edward Stone was a brilliant but eccentric scientist who had a deep fascination with the cannabis plant. He had spent years researching the properties of cannabis and had become obsessed with finding a way to extract its most potent and beneficial components.

One day, while working in his lab, Dr. Stone made a breakthrough discovery. He found a way to extract a highly concentrated form of cannabis resin that he called "Shatter." Dr. Stone was convinced that Shatter had incredible therapeutic potential and decided to test it on himself.

Dr. Stone began using Shatter regularly and was amazed at the effects it had on his mind and body. He felt more energized, focused, and creative than ever before. However, he soon realized that there was a downside to his discovery.

One day, while experimenting with a new batch of Shatter, Dr. Stone accidentally spilled the highly concentrated liquid on his skin. To his horror, he found that the Shatter had bonded with his body, turning him into a living, breathing, cannabis superhero, Shatter-man.

Dr. Stone's newfound powers allowed him to heal people, both physically and mentally. He could sense their pain and use his cannabis-infused body of “shatter” to assist in alleviating their suffering.

Over time, Dr. Stone really took to his new Superhero identity as “Shatter-man”. He wore a sleek, red suit with a yellow “Shatter-man” bolt emblem across his chest, and he spent his days and nights patrolling the streets, in search of those in need of Cannabis concentrates.

Despite the danger and the risks he took in formulating “Shatter”, Dr. Stone was grateful for his accidental transformation. He knew that he had been given a rare gift, and he was determined to use it to make the world a better place. And so, Dr. Edward Stone became a legend, a mad scientist turned superhero, a new found force for good in a world that sorely needed one.

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