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Cheech's Private Stash

"It Will Always Be Good"

Cheech Marin is an irreverent stoner, actor, director, author, avid art collector, and half of the cult favorite comedy duo Cheech and Chong. With heavyweight hits such as “Up in Smoke” and “Nice Dreams” which have shaped much of what stoner culture is and continues to be today, the pair have solidified themselves as the founding fathers of the cannabis industry. Cheech found further success on his own as a breakout actor / director with his following film “Born in East LA” which chronicles the misadventures of a Los Angeles native who is deported to Mexico and must make his way back to America. With Cheech’s unique perspective and experience growing up Chicano in Los Angeles, he has transcended stereotypes and forged a new path for Chicano identity. 2022 will see the opening of America’s first Chicano art museum, housed in Riverside, CA and born from Cheech’s collection of Chicano art. Furthermore, Cheech's participation in the cannabis industry marks a major milestone for the longtime advocate and global counterculture icon who says he remains dedicated to his vision of "sharing the love, experience, and understanding of cannabis.”

Cheech has made it his mission to bring consistently good quality products to market at a price that reflects the quality. With the introduction of a rigorous, five point testing protocol, Cheech’s Stash has become synonymous with quality. His vision for the brand is to always stand by his slogan “It Will Always Be Good.”

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Cheech's Chews

100mg THC Infused Gummies

Cheech's Chews are THC Infused Gummies with flavors including Mango, Guava, and Horchata. There are ten chews per pack, making each piece 10mg. They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Made in AZ.


Cheech's Carts

Half-gram C-Cell Cartridges

Cheech's Carts come in three varieties, Rev, Cruz and Idle and are formulated with only the highest grade extracts in Arizona.

IDLE (Indica) is a complex blend of flora, earth, pine and citrus which creates a gently relaxing, pain relieving body high. Well suited for winding down, chilling out and elevating your mood.



CRUZ (Hybrid) gives a burst of sweet berry flavor shine through in this aromatic terpene blend. Well suited for relaxing afternoon activities or a night out, CRUZ will leave you feeling lifted.



REV (Sativa) awakens the senses with notes of bright citric zest. our REV formula promoted elevated mood with increased energy and is perfect for a morning wake-n-bake or as a pre-activity ritual.



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